Strengthen the Church!

Christ Church, Coatham, RedcarToday we’re dedicating most of our program to understanding why it is important for watchmen and women to come alongside and strengthen our churches. You know, you may not like the messages you hear on this program.

We cover some things that aren’t pleasant to talk about. Not to be divisive or negative, but to help churches navigate the confusing waters that seem to be getting muddier by the day. There are some great things going on within the Bride of Christ, and we want to make sure our leaders can depend on people like you and me and all of us to help strengthen the Church by helping her understand the great challenges we face in a world increasingly bent on casting doubt on Truth.

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One Response to Strengthen the Church!

  1. Mr Davis says:

    It makes me sad when we think a church revolves around a person with a title this clearly indicates Christ is not the head of that body.

    It makes me sad when we think the church is a building. This clearly indicates a people who don't recognize the body of Christ.

    It makes me sad when we think a pastor is a career rather than a calling. A passion for Christ doesn't make one a pastor, its the fruit that makes him a pastor. The same is true for the elders for they are pastors. Look at the qualifications for these folks. You are evaluating fruit.

    It makes me sad when we don't allow for the excersize of the gifts of the body of Christ when it comes together for in doing so we tell God our way is better.

    It makes me sad when our fellowship is so superficial that we could take it or leave it and that because the body isn't excersized. Our fellowship in the body of Christ should be as critical to us as breathing and our bond to one another nessesary and desperate.

    It makes me sad when we refuse to acknowledge and shun all aspects of our culture that are contrary to God's word for the sake of our own preferences and even promote them. Such as handing off our responsibilites to so called professionals.

    It gives me Hope that Christ Jesus will draw His own. His own will hear His voice even as He speaks through others. His own will not follow a stranger who do not hold to his words. Christ Jesus is more than able to knit His body together and to work in our hearts and minds by His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, to bring His body together to affect His work in it, through it and by it.

    It gives me great hope that even in adversity the fire of Christ's followers is not extinguished rather it becomes brighter and brighter. Obedience doesn't depend on circumstances but on the Holy Spirit who works in us both to know and do what pleases God and this despite ourselves.

    It gives me great hope that Christ is indeed the author and perfector of our faith if our faith is truly in Christ Jesus and He will be faithful to complete that which He Himself began. He alone is able to promise such a thing.

    So though I be sad Hope remains.


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