Exploring a new kind of Christianity

Think the Emergent Church is dead?  Think again; it is re-packaged, alive and well.  

Here in our homestate of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Council of Churches is promoting a statewide forum up in Door County lead by Brian McLaren, the face of the Emergent Church movement.  It’ll cost you $275 to find out what’s next on the slippery slope of undefinable truth:

Join us and enjoy four and one half days of worship, plenary presentations, small groups, discussions and contemplation in an ecumenical setting on Washington Island at the tip of Door County, Wisconsin. The Forum presenter will be Brian McLaren, extensive author on the changing nature of the church, leader of the emergent church movement, and known for his book, A Generous Orthodoxy.

More and more Christians are seeing the pressures of to-day as the birth pains for a new kind of Christian faith for tomorrow. What’s emerging? What is trying to be born? That will be our focus – in terms of theology, spirituality, identity, and organization.

Brian’s topics include:

  • A New Kind of Christianity: Ten questions are simmering on the back burner of our theological kitchen, and sometimes the pot boils over! What’s cooking when we make space for a quest inspired by ten profound questions?
  • Naked Spirituality: If our churches don’t produce people characterized by communion with God, Christ-like character, and the fruit of the Spirit, people have every reason to ask why we stay in business. What might it look like if we specialized in helping “normal” people develop a deeper life with God?
  • Christian identity in a Multi-Faith World: We know how to have a strong-hostile Christian identity, and we know how to have a nominal-tolerant Christian identity, but how can we develop a Christian identity that is both strong in its Christianity and benevolent to other faiths?
  • On Institutions and Movements: If we become more wise on the relationship between movements, institutions, and communities, we can judge and fight people less, understand and collaborate with them more, and maybe even get more goodness accomplished in the process. So what are the essentials of a theology of institutions and movements?

Or you could save $265 and join us for the first annual Watchman Conference, where you’ll learn about the Emergent Church movement and other concerning apostate trends that are leading people away from the Truth of Christian doctrine and off the narrow path Jesus spoke of.


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3 Responses to Exploring a new kind of Christianity

  1. Tony says:

    This is just more of the same from the satanic agenda these so called spiritual phonies have given. They really should see what GOD's words says about a DIFFERENT KIND OF CHRISTIANITY. galations-1:8 if anyone preaches another gospel to you other than the true scriptual righteous word of GOD let him be accursed. The Bible goes on to say Hebrews-13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever. GOD doesn't change. So if someone like this is talking about a new or different so called emerging church he and it are accursed in they eyes of the Lord.


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