Fast and Furious

English: Shot at the Minnesota Zoo. A critical...

When we first started broadcasting in 2010, we discussed the subtle ways that apostasy was sneaking into the Bride of Christ and deceiving some away from the Truth.  But now it seems that it doesn’t sneak anymore; it marches right down the aisle and takes a seat in the front row. Often it is invited up to the pulpit and promoted as the new paradigm. 

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Church, when did it become normal to ignore the warnings of this? To scold people who would come in private to their pastors and ministry leaders to alert them of these lies taking over in our Bible studies, our youth groups and our church libraries? When did we start calling those who discern these things the nasty pharisees, the armchair quarterbacks or the critics?

Evil is coming at us fast and furious. And if the scales are dropping from our own eyes, how are we helping our children understand the times we are in? In our first part of the program, we’re talking with Freedom Project Education Academic Director and teacher Dr. James “Duke” Pesta.

Named after conservative icon John Wayne, Dr. Duke has taught at universities and high schools  and was instrumental in creating and launching a Bible course in the Texas Public School system.  A true Classical Education and Americanist advocate, Dr. Pesta worked tirelessly to overcome challenges from the school system and the courts to help make this course available to interested highschoolers in Texas.

In our second half hour we’re covering news of the day and your comments and emails.

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One Response to Fast and Furious

  1. Mr Davis says:

    Brothers and sisters, we are not to tire of doing what is right and what is true, throwing up our hands saying what is the use, for your reward awaits you for all who persevere unto the end. This life truly is worth laying down for the gospels sake and the sake of one another in Christ Jesus. This world and all that we hold dear in it is perishing for it will not survive the coming fire. Only the things done in Christ with the heart He Himself demonstrated will remain. Heaven has come and is coming this you can be sure of.

    Even today the Kingdom of Heaven is advancing at the expense of the righteous in Christ Jesus having their blood poured out at the hands of wicked men. May God be glorified in us as He is in these whom He destined for that very purpose.

    May God grant us courage to stand for Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. Amen!


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