Men of faith, rise up and lead!

These days there seems to be a subtle message from the Church to the man: “Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”  That takes the godly pressure off the man to spiritually lead his family. The church is willing to do it for him! 

You may not realize this, guys, but:

•    4% of Christian men pray with their wife on a daily basis 
•    Less than 33% of Christian men lead a family devotion at least once a week. 
•    22% of men have a daily time alone with God.

What is authentic manhood?  Today’s Christian man typically sees his responsibility to just connect his family to the church, faithfully attend, affirm the church and support it with time and money. How do we encourage men to become strong spiritual leaders in their church and in their homes?  Men’s leadership teacher and coach Dean Roddy is back with us to discuss what it takes to be godly leaders at home and in church.

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Then later on, we’re talking about a New Kind of Sexuality for Christians in these modern times, at least according to Jim Wallis’ SoJo blog. The question: 


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2 Responses to Men of faith, rise up and lead!

  1. Dave says:

    Mike @ Amy If the president speaks out some edict ,it is listened to because of the tangable power of the law.If there was no observable power behind the president,the country would ignore what was said..Since a husband has no observable power behind his word a wife obeys because she knows The Lord will hold her accountable.If she doesn't obey, She denies the lordship of God in her life,and therefor is she really saved?…….Dave


  2. Mr Davis says:

    It is sad really: that the accountability of men in the body of Christ to one another under the standard of God’s word, has been neglected.

    That the role of the man in the leader of the home has been eagerly usurped by the pastors who themselves were sacrificing their own homes on the alter of ministry, destroying their own homes in the process.

    The American Church has become a picture of the blind leading the blind and both have fallen and how far have we fallen.

    Men, you who name Christ, must show yourselves devoted to the Lord and really be devoted, that it isn't outward only and full of hypocrisy. Be willing to ask God to grant, that you would be willing to look at your life in the light of God’s perfect word in all honesty, and repent. In obedience to His commands we learn what the word of God really means. You cannot just read it and understand it, you must do! Understanding follows!

    Look at the roles you are supposed to be fulfilling and ask God to help you to fulfill those roles, all of them. Put first things first. If you are married it is your wife, do not make the mistake of neglecting her for the sake of income or ego. You will be tempted with income and pride: look what a great provider I am and forsake your first love. If kids are brought in, they come after her. Your wife is your own flesh, love her as such. Feed her and nourish her as you would yourself look to her well being first, put her needs ahead of your own. This isn’t submitting to her! This is sacrificing yourself and your comfort for her benefit, this is your duty. Are we not called to walk as our savior walked? Did he not lay down his life for us. Are we not called to lay down our lives for one another, to love one another as He has loved us? Look at the cross. Look at it! Your savior was humiliated there.

    I do not mean to say this is obtainable, it is not! But it is the standard and the goal of our transformation into Christ likeness. This transformation comes not by any effort on our part but only by the power of God and that by The Holy Spirit. This is why we have a problem, we think we can do this and that is why we fail!

    Fall on your face Oh man, see your desperate condition and seek His aid. Seek him with all your heart! A broken and contrite Oh Lord you will not despise. Truly may you be broken and see how useless you have become and see you are nothing and admit you are nothing so that you may become useful by the grace of God.

    Oh Lord God I pray you would grant to your children to know your heart in this and that this heart would be in us and that we would realize what we have become, what we are doing and see what you have done and what you have called us to do and do it. This is your promise to all your children.

    Lord grant that we be men!


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