Discerning the words we use

As Christ followers, we know we have an enemy who is on the prowl looking to deceive and devour God’s people. He does this through persecution and lies that play on our own selfish desires. All you have to do is look at the news headlines to see that the chess pieces are moving: Christians fleeing for their lives in Syria; people affirming sin is good and standing up for truth is hateful.  That’s why it is so important to carefully examine the words we use when we talk about discerning the times and discerning Truth from error.

On today’s program we’re sharing some concerning news headlines you’ll want to know about. Later, an article from Billy Graham about what his wife Ruth said before she passed away about God judging America. We’re also going to go in depth about the latest happenings with Chic-Fil-A. Plus we’re digging into the mailbag to hear what you think about the topics of words and the battle for language and definition.

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