Christianity’s changing face

Plastic Surgery

This week we’ve been taking a step back to look into the face of American Christianity and how it has changed over the past 40-50 years. We’ve talked about how our fundamentals of the faith are being thrown to wolves, and how Truth has been taken over by a feel-good watered-down gospel.


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Today  we’re joined by our special guest, Matt Slick, the founder and president of CARM – Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. He broadcasts a daily radio program from Boise, Idaho.  He started CARM in October of 1995 to respond to the many false teachings creeping into the Body of Christ, and helps listeners from around the world find the simple Truth for their most perplexing questions about God, Jesus, the Bible and salvation.

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4 Responses to Christianity’s changing face

  1. Dave says:

    Mike& Amy, I am an avid Joyce Meyer listener. I appreciate your point of view twards what she has to say. However, what I get out of her ,is a call for self relience powered by THE HOLY SPIRIT.She is not the least bit afraid of laying size 11 into the hinder parts of people who think that they are owed.She tells story after story about how The HOLY SPIRIT has changed her heart.The only place where I have a problem with her is that she uses The Amplified Bible,which I consider to be cross between a reasonable translation and a commentery( whichis somebodies guess at God's word)…..Dave


    • Mr Davis says:

      Dave Self reliance empowered by the Holy Spirit is a contradiction. There is a realization of our sinfulness and our depravity that is made manifest by the Holy Spirit and a responce to that realization brought on by the Holy Spirit called repentance that results in a change in thinking and behavior and an empowerment by the Holy Spirit to not only know what the will of God is but to walk in obedience to it. Ezekiel 36:25-27, 31-32, Phillipians 2:13, To try to walk in obedience by the flesh is a burden and a tirsome task devoid of the Holy Spirits power.

      In fact we are not to have in confidence at all in our ability to obey or take credit when we do do good for that work is wraught in Christ. John 3:21

      Philippians 3:3 KJV
      For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.


  2. Rose Vohwinkel says:

    I love Joyce..have listened and learned from her for 17 years…daily…I have NEVER heard her speak contradictory to what the Word says….but more of her own rebellion to it…God has blessed her obedience to His Word and His Authority….. and her family too…and mine too….thank you Joyce Meyer for stepping out of our comfort zone and laying out your life story before the world and letting God use you in such a mighty way to reach lost hearts….for Jesus Christ alone….Rose


  3. Sheri Townsend says:

    Here is a good article on Joyce Meyers.


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