Oprah, Hybels join star-studded “Triumphant Journey” gala honoring T.D. Jakes

Sharing new photographs via the Do Not Be Surprised blog. Here is a partial excerpt. Read the full report here.

Via Do Not Be Surprised:

The Christian Post reported on 8 June:

A black-tie gala featuring a surprise star-studded guest list will be held Friday night to celebrate Bishop T.D. Jakes’ 35th anniversary of ministry service. The event titled “Triumphant Journey” will be held at the AT&T Winspear Opera House in Dallas, Texas.

In addition to celebrating 35 years since he entered into ministry, Jakes will be marking several other milestones, including his 30th wedding anniversary to Serita Jakes, his 55th birthday, and 15th anniversary of The Potter’s House of Dallas, Inc.


At the time, we commented that

apparently the phrase “star-studded guest list” was not an exaggeration, depending upon one’s definition of a “star.” Rev. James Meeks, who pastors Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, was among the many invited to attend this “Triumphant Journey” down Jakes’ memory lane. Meeks spent the evening tweeting out updates to his Twitter followers, thus revealing who were among the “stars” at this celebration of T.D. Jakes. The presence of the three most well-known names who graced the stage ought not surprise: Oprah Winfrey, pastrix Paula White and Bill Hybels. (Source)

Nearly one month later, however, we no longer have to rely on the tweets of James Meeks or on reporters or the media. T.D. Jakes Ministries recently uploaded onto their Facebook page 184 pictures (as of this writing) detailing the “35th Anniversary Weekend.” These photos tell a story of glitz, glamour, fame and exaltation. In fact, one would barely recognize the event as one designed to honor an under-shepherd of the Lord Jesus Christ. But then, perhaps that is because the Christian should seek to honor Christ Himself, and not men.  (…more)

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3 Responses to Oprah, Hybels join star-studded “Triumphant Journey” gala honoring T.D. Jakes

  1. Joey Basta says:

    I hope TD is not selling out to the schemes of the enemy. And In all of this I hope the Gospel will be spoken to Oprah and she will give her life to Christ …. and because millions follow her and every word she says, many will come to Christ. And the enemy knows this. Pray for TD Jakes, Hybels & Oprah !!


    • Christine says:

      Oprah has already, publicly made her stance on her spirituality. Whilst she is friends with many in the Christian circle, she is a New Ager. Just listen to her on Youtube. T.D. Jakes struggles with the Doctrine of the Trinity. Bill Hybels is a liberal Christian. Which is probably why they see nothing wrong with their association with the world. Again, just do your research right here online! God doesn't need Oprah and her influence to save those whom He has chosen for salvation. Just search the scriptures and you'll see that God is sovereign and can/will do as He pleases with nobody's help! (Is 46:10).

      James 4:4b "…Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God".


    • Peaches says:

      James MacDonald from Harvest Bible Chapel was at this event.


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