Agenda 21 in one easy lesson

Have you heard of Agenda 21? If you haven’t, every Christian needs to. Today we’re talking about Agenda 21 and the something you may not have heard of: the worldwide Earth Summit.

Governments and dictators assembling in Rio de Janeiro for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development must adopt even more stringent policies to reduce the number of people in the world and make sure that those who remain stop consuming so much.  Joining us is Bill Jasper, the senior editor of The New American, a great learning resource for Agenda 21 and the Earth Summit reports.

This is nothing more than repackaged Socialism, and many heavy-hitters with billions of dollars and a worldwide influence are behind it.

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If you think this won’t affect the future of the Church, you might want to see this video. Please do share this information with your own family, church and friends.


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3 Responses to Agenda 21 in one easy lesson

  1. Kevin Kleint says:

    Does this have any relation to Convergence21? I wonder whath the significance of "21" is?


    • Kevin.
      YES! The 21 means that this plan was a GOAL for the 21st century under their world-wide plan of Sustainable Development. Since it was sign ed by George HW Bush, but NOT approved by the US Senate, the UN Agenda 21 treaty can only be enacted on a state or county basis—by approval of the governing body where it will become equal to statutory law.


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