The tentacles of apostasy: No accidents here

There is a dark storm is brewing over a new controversy that has put one well-known mega church pastor in the spotlight over whether homosexuality is a sin. I’m saddened to mention it, because many people love Andy Stanley of Northpoint Community Church, and have read his books.

Why are Pastor Stanley’s views of homosexuality on trial? Well, because he took issue with a homosexual couple volunteering in one of his church campuses, not because of their homosexuality. But because one of the individuals was not yet divorced from his wife. He was almost divorced but not quite—and that’s why Stanley told him he needed to wait in order to fill out the volunteer application and be good to go.

We’ve even got a sermon graphic Andy Stanley used portraying the new Church family in America, and showing the blue and pink stick figures with men holding hands, co-parenting with women to raise the next generation. Andy Stanley’s “Microcosm of the Church” and his sermon on homosexuality communicates loud and clear that if you’re going to apply for a volunteer position, Gay is OK, as long as you’re not still in a heterosexual marriage.

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You need to hear in his own words what he preached about this IN CONTEXT. On our site today there are several articles containing two audio podcasts. One is from Fighting for the Faith podcast over at Pirate Christian; the other is Wretched Radio’s  Todd Friel reviewing the audio in question, please do–it will be vital to your understanding of why the pastor is under a microscope by not just discernment ministry leaders but pastors around the world–and rightly so.

I share this story because the tidal wave of acceptance of gay marriage is past the groundswell stage, and mega-churches around the world are opening wide the gates. I found an article from across the pond on the Clerical Whispers site absolutely fascinating, and horrifying:   Gay marriage: this is a battle the Churches will lose – and it will be a messy business.

Our guest today is Elijah Abraham, a frequent guest on Stand Up For The Truth, a former Muslim himself, and a born-again Christian whose writings and ministries educate Christians all over the world about Islam and how to reach Muslim believers with the hope of our risen savior, Jesus Christ.

Elijah is part of Biblical Missiology, the group that recently petitioned Wycliffe and its partners for removing familial terms to describe God and Jesus from Bible translations used to reach Muslim communities. Elijah is the founder and executive director of Living Oasis Ministries, where you’ll find a host of resources.  Check out Elijah’s news articles at Right On Weekly, an online magazine.

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One Response to The tentacles of apostasy: No accidents here

  1. Mr Davis says:

    One by one these men of notoriety are setting asside the truth of God's word to pursue bigger and in their minds better franchises. This will continue. More will fall, because men think more highly of themselves than they aught. There is no fear of God before their eyes.

    When they stand before God I fear for them for it doens't say for no reason there is a greater condemnation for those who teach. I fear for what I myself will experience on that day when the things wrought in this body be found to be chaff. How much more for those who teach thousands.

    But the Lord has closed their eyes to His sufficiency and the obedience that comes by faith that perhaps they may turn and see their works be but ash.

    Oh Lord God you know all men and some you allow to fall away to be tested and tried and refined, hoppen with little help that they to like Nebuchadnezzar may one day be restored to sanity.

    Oh Lord you alone are great and worthy to be praised. All the earth has sing of your Glory. All the earth shall praise the Lord, and Bow to the Lord's anointed the Holy One of Israel Christ Jesus our Savior and King.

    The King is coming soon! Prepare your hearts! Repent of your rebellion for He who reigns is no respector of persons. A humble and contrite Heart Oh Lord you will not despise.


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