Why men aren’t leading at Church and home

The secular culture paints men as stupid and weak, or worldly and lecherous.  Many Christian men mirror what the culture says men are to be. Their exterior fence looks clean on Sundays, but families often see the unpainted, raw side.  The Bible paints a much different role for men within their families, the culture and the Church.

How are men learning to lead today? Our guest says many men may think they know how to lead, but in reality have never been taught. Psalm 128 speaks of a social structure and how men need a healthy fear of the Lord and to walk in His ways.

Men’s leadership teacher and coach Dean Roddy shares important insights into what biblical manhood looks like. Dean and his wife Susan have been married for 23 years and have experienced significant change in their own marriage as Dean has walked this path.

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3 Responses to Why men aren’t leading at Church and home

  1. Wendy says:

    Answering the question you asked today… I grew up in a home where my mom was the leader. My dad worked many hours at a local mill, so my mom had to do most things herself. In my life, I have done that (acted as the leader in the house). But I don't want to and I never actually wanted to. It feels unnatural and I pray that my husband would take the leader role. But he was also raised in a house where his mom was the leader (she was a single mom for his first seven years of life), so I do not think he knows how to truly be the male leader.


    • Dean Roddy says:

      Thanks for sharing your heart with us today Wendy. My Mom left when I was 7 years old and that left a huge wound in my own life. Raised by a father who worked all the time, sometimes gone for several days a week. What I've been seeing more and more is God calling all of us who have a wounded heart, to completely give it the Great Physician, God. He is truly the only one who can heal a broken heart.

      As to your husband, I don't say this lightly, but I would go to God in prayer over your husband, as you probably have, and pray that God would place the desire and conviction in him to step up as the leader. That's what my wife did.


  2. Dan says:

    I am sorry.
    I am sorry that the Church refuses to instruct the men and teach them what it is through word and deed, what is required of a Godly man.
    I am sorry as a body calling ourselves christian we don't hold fast to the principles taught in God's word as far as instruction goes, but rather through the bully pulpit men exalt themselves to there own undoing.
    I am sorry no place is given to women to truly minister to one another on the things of a women.
    I am sorry there is no room for confession.
    I am sorry there is no room for no accountability
    I am sorry there is no submission to God's Holy word.
    I'm sorry it seems we don't care.


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