How offensive? Jesus shirt gets teen kicked out of school

My daughter wears her faith on her shirt sometimes. Her collection of tees include slogans like, “When Jesus comes back, I am SO out of here,” and, “I’m not afraid to tell the world about Jesus.” Along with her Christian concert tee shirts, these barely get a second glance from her Freshman teachers and friends. I can’t imagine her getting suspended from the public high school she attends. So when I hear the reasoning behind why a Canadian 12th-grader was expelled for wearing a “Life is Wasted without Jesus” tee–and that he might not even get to graduate next month– I have to wonder if perhaps a “Let’s Get Wasted” shirt would have been less offensive in the eyes of these administrators:

via CBC News:

Should a student be suspended for wearing a ‘Jesus’ T-shirt?

 Should grade 12 student William Swinimer have been suspended from school for wearing this T-shirt? (Global News) A Nova Scotia high school student who was suspended for wearing a Jesus T-shirtsays he won’t stop wearing it – even if that means he’ll be suspended for the rest of the year.Grade 12 student William Swinimer was suspended for five days for wearing a T-shirt that read, “Life is wasted without Jesus.”Some teachers and students found the T-shirt offensive, according to Nancy Pynch-Worthylake, the superintendent of the South Shore Regional School Board.”When one is able or others are able to interpret it as if you don’t share my belief then your life is wasted, that can be interpreted by some as being inappropriate,” she said.If the T-shirt had read, “My Life is wasted without Jesus,” that would have been fine.

But Swinimer, who is a devout Christian, says the T-shirt is an expression of his beliefs.

He wore the T-shirt every day to class for several weeks, ignoring repeated requests from the school principal that he stop.

“I believe there are things that are bigger than me. And I think that I need to stand up for the rights of people in this country and religious rights and freedom of speech,” he told CBC News.

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10 Responses to How offensive? Jesus shirt gets teen kicked out of school

  1. Larry says:

    And we still send our kids to these schools? Oh Canada.


  2. vickie says:

    And people ask why is our world going to hell in a hand basket??? Things such as these give you the answer. My child would not step foot in that school again!


  3. Cn says:

    I love how you conveniently left out the fact that the kid was going around telling other students they are going to hell, if they weren't a believer and he was also harassing classmates. google any normal news source about this story and you will see at h and everywhere.

    typical bull**** religious liars


    • Rose Vosburgh says:

      "typical bull**** religious liars"

      Now that sounds like 'hate' speech to me, Cn. Should YOU be put in jail or penalized in some way for saying that? No…. even though your statement was offensive to me and others here. Should this young man suffer not graduating from high school for sharing his faith in Christ and his belief in a literal hell after death. No! Why do you think there is free speech for some (who are offensive in what they say) and not for others? Oh…HIS was 'religious', Christian speech….can't have freedom of THAT kind of speech, now can we?

      How thinned skinned we are today. We can't bear anyone saying anything that we don't personally agree with or that will make us feel badly about ourselves.I mean, come on, we are all perfect people here? We don't ever sin?…we don't need a savior? Maybe, just maybe, this young man's message is true and should be heeded. But no! Don't tell ME I deserve to go to hell! I don't want to hear it and I will do something to YOU if you say anything like that to me again! I will punish you…call you a hater or get you suspended or whatever. And…the Muslims say: don't say anything offensive about Mohammed or we will chop your head off? Same mentality is growing in this country that already exists in the Muslim world, Can't you see it!!!!! And don't you care? Good grief, Cn…celebrate and defend our rights in this country and defend this student's right to religious speech even if it offends you …or soon none of us will have any all!


      • Bill Haines says:

        "celebrate and defend our rights in this country and defend this student’s right to religious speech even if it offends you …"

        The right to religious speech applies in general public spaces and doesn't include harassment. Schools are not general public spaces, they exist solely for the purpose of education, so reasonable restrictions on speech are entirely legitimate and necessary (if this student's shirt and behavior are allowed, atheist students' shirts and behavior offensive to relgious students also must be allowed, which of course creates an environment detrimental to learning and so is to be avoided).

        Let the kid go to public park, wearing his shirt, and preach to his heart's content there.


  4. Jackson says:

    Personally, I'm atheist, but I have no problem with people expressing their beliefs. HOWEVER, if someone told me I was going to hell for not joining the bandwagon and praying to their god, I'd be a little upset, but I wouldn't use that as justification for suspending someone.


  5. Jon says:

    So I suppose none of you will mind when my daughter wears her "Christianity is evil" shirt to school?


  6. Rose Vosburgh says:

    Reply to Cn: Sharing his faith, which does involve warning about the reality of hell, is not 'harrassment'. Just because someone's speech offends you does not mean you are being harrassed. True harrassment is when someone goes out of bounds in their behavior so that a person feels their personal space had been violated or their physical safety is threatened. I doubt this young person was stalking other students, relentlessly hounding them. He simply shared his sincerely held religious belief out of concern for their souls. Last time I looked, the Consitution still gives us the right of freedom of speech in this country and that freedom doesn't stop at the school house door.Nowhere in the Constitution does it say YOU have a right never to be offeneded by anyone else. We all offend each other every day in one way or another. In fact, you just offended me in your post by using a foul cuss word. Yes, it offended me, but I still respect your right to use that kind of language as disgusting as it is to me. So you see, it works both ways and we need to be TOLERANT of each other. (Now that is a concept we hear a lot about today, but rarely tolerance for the message of Christianity.)

    If you read the article at CBS news, it does not say he harrassed students. His message was simply offensive to them…they didn't want to hear it.. But if he truly believes his classmates will go to hell if they reject the Savior, then wouldn't he be a hypocrite if he didn't try to warn them? If you saw someone about to walk off a cliff, would you warn them or worry about offending them with your warning? Hell is a real place and it lasts forever. It is your choice to believe or reject the gospel..,,to make your own personal choice about Christianity. And I am still free at this point in time to share it. If you are offended, get over it. Freedom is what makes this country great. If we lose our freedom of speech because people can no longer tolerate ever being offended by anyone..then.we all will live under tryanny. I am afraid with the way things are going…that is where we are headed.

    By the way, check the link at CBS news for the poll they have going. About 77% of the people who have voted so far feel the student should NOT have been suspended for wearing that t-shirt. Thankfully, a lot of people still value our freedoms as Americans.

    Oh…one more thing, if you want to find out what real harrassment looks like go to religionofpeace and check out how Christians are being harrassed,imprisoned, tortured, and even murdered on a daily basis in Muslim countries. No freedom of speech or religion there! Kind of makes all the fuss about this kid's t-shirt really look ridiculous and should remind us to thank God every day for the freedoms we still have. I may not like what you say…but I will defend your right to say it.

    And yes, Jon, if your daughter wore a shirt like that to school, I would certainly be offended by it, but I would not try to get her suspended from school because of it. She has a right to her beliefs even if they are wrong and misguided. And…If Christianity is truly evil as her shirt advertizes, the truth or error of that statement will be evident to everyone in the behavior of true Christians…just as Islam proves itself evil everyday in vile wretched acts against the 'infidels'.


  7. Alicia says:

    They are teaching Islam in school and it had been a battle for those parents who fight this atrocity, But I guess anything to do with the Judeo-Christian values that our great country was founded on just won't be tolerated! What a disgrace.


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