Standing in the gap when ears are tickled

There are so many different messages bombarding Christians today about salvation, prosperity, works and God. But as we’ve been sharing in this ministry, not all of those messages are true–even if they are well-intended. That’s why we must be discerning about whether what we hear and read squares up with the Word of God.

Today we’re hearing from Dr. Cal Beisner about environmentalism’s threat to the biblical worldview…and later in the show we’ll be sharing why television mogul Oprah Winfrey is being coached and positioned to tell the world that she is a Christian — and what that means for her millions of followers.

Dr. Cal is from  the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, joins us to explain how the greening up of faith, education and the Church will radically change America and lead us to staggering results in our government. Dr. Cal was an instrumental resource and interviewee for the new documentary movie, AGENDA: Grinding America Down, a ministry in itself showing how end times prophesies are already playing out and have been for years. It’s one of those films every Christian should see and share.

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One Response to Standing in the gap when ears are tickled

  1. David J. Conklin says:

    >"There are so many different messages bombarding Christians today about salvation, prosperity, works and God."

    So, how does one tell which one is telling you the truth? They all claim to be doing that, but are they?

    I've learned a simple method: spend 5 minutes looking at the easiest claim they make within their whole argument. I usually find that they are wrong. So, if they screwed up on a such a simple claim, what are the odds that they did better on the rest? For instance, the Bible critics claim that the Bible is "filled" with "errors and contradictions." So I took a peek at their "lists" of errors and contradictions. The easiest, simplest one I could find was on Song of Solomon 2:12 where in the KJV it says "the voice of the turtle is heard in our land". It turns out that for about 50 years before the KJV was made and about 50 years afterwards the word "turtle" was used as a shorthand for "turtledove" and indeed that is what the Hebrew word means; i.e., the critics didn't even do the most basic of research before making their claim.

    In other cases I'll get an email and I'll check it out on and they've already done the work that showed that the claim was false.

    I've proven my 5 minute rule to be true over and over again.


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