When political activism crosses the line

How do we stand strong as Christians against any political leader we perceive as a bad choice for public office — without giving in to hatred, or acting in ways Jesus did not call us to? As our nation falls deeper into spiritual, moral and financial decay, many of our listeners are wondering aloud if we should be wondering aloud on the airwaves about our choices before us. In fact some of our listeners have emailed us to caution us to be cautious! We are going to talk about that in our second half of the program.



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3 Responses to When political activism crosses the line

  1. Diane Richardson says:

    I try to voice who I believe would be better in office for whatever position is being discussed. I try not to push the limit in it if you know what I mean. I try not to cause conflict in the situation primarily if I feel an argument will occur. I mean if it is feeling like an aggressive discussion. I do not believe in discussing to the point of not mimicking the way Christ talked about things. He discussed things in a calm but matter of fact manner. He was the role-model of peace and understanding. Does this sound right to you? I try to share my beliefs but not in an obstructive way. What do you think?


  2. Diane Richardson says:

    Per my last comment. I would like a comment emailed as well as discussed on the air if you choose to do so.


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