Wretched’s Todd Friel: Humor, Discernment and Uncompromising Truth

Todd Friel who is the host of Wretched TV and Radio (formerly Way of the Master Radio) always claims that he is the “wretch the song refers to,” and who is acutely aware of the mercy God extended in saving him from his sinful past. For many Christians, Todd Friel’s videos and radio clips are are must-watch snippets of the trends and dangers we all navigate in the post-modern world.   Why do his videos go viral? perhaps it is because he uses wit, humor and common sense while sharing sound, biblical truths.

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If you’re not familiar with Wretched and Todd Friel, this video will you a peek into the Wretched Network and the man:

Want more? Spend some time watching just a few of the videos on the Wretched channel, and you won’t be able to stop.

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9 Responses to Wretched’s Todd Friel: Humor, Discernment and Uncompromising Truth

  1. Mr Davis says:

    His testimony of how he became a believer is really something. It's a proof of the mindset of some entering seminary and it's not possible to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ without the Holy Spirit.



  2. Ken Save says:

    The heading of this program is: "Wretched's Todd Friel: Humor, Discernment and Uncompromising Truth"
    ". . . Uncompromising . . . Truth. . ."
    "Uncomprmising" ??????
    "UNCOMPROMISING" ?!?!?!?!

    Really. . .? This is the man, Todd Friel, who would not stand with Brannon Howse, when threatened to have his program pulled by the network he is on because he was a speaker at Howse's events?

    Uncompromising? Sounds to me like he compromised . . . big time.
    He should be ashamed for what he did . . . and you should be ashamed for promoting him!

    You say that you "Stand up for the Truth"?
    I have a hard time seeing that regarding this.


    • Amy Spreeman says:

      Ken, I'm guessing you are a Brannon Howse fan and you don't like decisions that were made. Do you understand any of the background and have you asked Todd yourself about this, or are you happy to just go on attack mode on sites that you don't normally visit?


      • Ken Save says:

        Thank you, Amy, for your reply…
        I can understand that you might view my post as an "attack." I would agree that I cane across pretty strong, but, you see…I am very passionate when it comes to issues like these. And I do not apologize for that passion or the way I expressed it. It seems that hardly a day goes by now that one doesn't hear of some well known "christian personality" falling into apostasy or compromise or error of some kind.
        The latest example being Kirk Cameron.
        Certainly we are all guilty at some point of the same, at times. But these men have been called, or choose a public position and so are held to a higher account due to the multitudes that would be influenced by their choices.
        You guessed wrong that I am "fan" of Brannon Howse. I am "fan" only of the Lord Jesus Christ…but I do follow Brannon's program along with others (including yours) in the "discerment arena". I do stand with him in his attempts to speak against this overwhelming apostasy that grows day by day in the church.
        I do have very strong feelings about this as I and my family have been impacted personally, over the years, because of it. And, we can no longer find a fellowship in our community that has not compromised the Truth.
        As far as understanding the background of this issue, I have, when this first came out, tried my best to look into the facts of it, and to look at both sides of this matter. It's not a complicated issue!
        As Todd expressed in his "response":
        "We were minding our own business when we were asked to make a decision to speak at one conference or continue to preach the Gospel on 130 stations.
        What would you have done?"

        Uhhh…simple answer to that one!

        "Take a hike AFR…we will not be bullied!"

        In light of what AFR was promoting and supporting? What other decision could one rightfully make??

        From what I was able to find, Todd seemed not that willing to address this matter openly or fully…other than the response
        on Facebook…he didn't seem to engage much. He apparently didn't respond to any one else, personally, as far as I was able to find…why would he do so if I asked him?
        From what I could find, most were very disappointed in the decision made by Todd..the large majority it seems. There is a lot to be found on the intenet regarding all of this.
        Have you looked into it?
        By the way, I wasn't "happy" at all to comment on this…no "happiness" to be found in any of this! As I stated earlier, I do have strong feelings about this issue. Sadness…heartache..and, yes, at times, great anger. I love the Church and I grieve at what is happening, even though I do understand it is supposed to happen…it is the "great falling away."
        "…don't normally visit"? Not sure what you mean by that. This isn't my first time to your site…got you bookmarked even!
        At one time in my life, I was engaged full time in ministry, in the christian publishing field, but no longer. I can't. Almost the whole of that industry has fallen and I will not compromise. It is a matter of principle, you see.
        I think that is what Todd turned his back on…principle.

        Indeed, "truth is falling in the street."

        All the best, Amy…thank you for your time,



      • Amy Spreeman says:

        Thanks for taking the time to come and share your thoughts here, Ken, and you are most welcome anytime. Glad you have us bookmarked!


    • Larry says:

      Thanks Ken for saying what was on my mind as I read that intro. You are discerning and hey…thanks for NOT "compromising" on your beliefs!!!


  3. Rose Vosburgh says:

    I just finally got around to listening to this program.
    Like Todd, I am proud of Kirk for standing up for the truth when asked about gays and am grieved by the terrible treatment he has received because of it. I pray for him and his family and for God's protection.

    I enjoyed hearing from Todd. I am a regular listener to his program. I did not agree with him, however, when he said some Christians (who are concerned about Kirk's movie and his appearance on Beck's program) are not treating him with love as a Christian brother. I see no evidence of that. In fact, on the 3 radio programs at World View Weekend (that I referenced in a previous post), Brannon Howse stated over and over again his appreciation of Kirk's ministry, that he IS a brother, and the purpose was not to attack Kirk personally, but to inform people about the monument in question and why the movie could fall right into the dominionist agenda…something which Kirk may be unaware of. Confronting someone with the truth IS a loving thing. Brannon first made several attempts to speak with Kirk personally about his concerns and to present the research he has done on the monument, but Kirk has so far not responded. So Brannon then presented the information on his radio program and it was done humbly, lovingly without any rancor towards Kirk at all. So I do not understand what Todd is referring to.

    First of all, that monument Kirk promotes in his movie was a work of Free Masons and it contains much occultic.. not Christian.. symbolism. There is tons of historical evidence proving that fact which Brannon presented on his program. Even the curator of the museum on the site of the monument, when asked, stated that the monument did not at all reflect the beliefs of the Founders.

    Secondly, it was troubling to me that Kirk went on Glen Beck's program to promote his movie since Glen is a strong professing Mormom and is a believer in taking dominion. And, if you watch the video tape of Kirk's interview with Glen Beck, Kirk seemed to put down Christians who believe in the Rapture and the soon return of Christ. Here is what he said:

    "To top it off I have friends in church that tell me that the worse things get, the better it really is because it means the end is near and that Jesus is returning. Don't worry that the world is going to hell in a handbasket…just get out of the handbasket. It's part of the plan and it is meant to be…that the whole thing is going to burn. Really? Because I have kids in this world. I have friends who have children in this world and I want a great future for them and are we supposed to just let it go? But if we just take our hands off the wheel and let it fall off a cliff, aren't we be creating a self fulfilling prophecy?"

    No, Kirk, it will be God fulfilling His prophecy. Our hands have never really been on the wheel at all…ever. God is in control. The Bible says these things will occur…birth pains of the Second Coming. Somehow, if we just get back to the Founding Fathers, we can prevent these things from happening? Isn't this a turning away from Bible prophecy on Kirk's part? And are Christians who bring this situation to light being unloving? Apparently Todd thinks so. I pray for Kirk to see that we are not giving up by looking for the Lord's soon return. I love America too and I have children also. What I hope for them the most is that they will be ready and strong in their faith when the Lord returns. And I do believe it is soon.


  4. David says:

    Just wanted to say that I really have enjoyed listening to your program when I have been able to do so. I am in full agreement with safeguarding the truth. However, I have to say I was a bit disappointed in today's show. My disappointment comes in your guest not seeming to use scripture to reprove and correct "in love". Rather he seemed demeaning. You made comments at the end that I appreciated but would have liked you to bring up the "in love" part earlier as you have often referenced this in other shows.

    Thanks! And keep up God's good work.


  5. Mike says:

    He's quite a good broadcaster. I suspect that with the talent he posesses, he'll get a chance to host a show on the Fox News Channel some day…..However, when I watch him, i find myself constantly thinking about what Jesus would think of his narrow- minded judgement of those who do not have his self proclaimed, singularly true theology. He critiques in judgemental language not only Muslims, whom he lumps together in broad generalities, but also Christians who understand the faith in a different way than him…..Yes, his zealot fans love him, but many of the rest of us think his "uncompromising" rhetoric is part of what is causing millions and millions of people to turn away from Chirsitianity.


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