Rolling over on marriage and family

Are we hearing the death rattle of the American family in these days?  Today we’re digging into our mailbag as well as news of the day.  Our guest today is  Julaine Appling of  Wisconsin Family Action, where she is an advocate for marriage, family, life and liberty in Madison. The educati0n arm of this organization is Wisconsin Family Council, and here Julaine works to forward Judeo-Christian principles and values by informing citizens, churches and policymakers about important pro-family legislative and cultural issues so they will be inspired to get involved in preserving and strengthening marriage and family in Wisconsin. Check out WFC’s Voting Guide.

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One Response to Rolling over on marriage and family

  1. Matthew LeMay says:

    Thank you for bringing this topic up. It is about time that Christians take a full-on, holistic look at what is happening to the family in America. The divorce rate is skyrocketing, meanwhile some preachers are thinking more about same-sex marriage and the "controversy" over that issue than about the real problems that are destroying all these marriages that fail.

    Failed marriages can cause incredible damage to vulnerable children and propagate dysfunctional emotional tendencies that can last decades. And the gall of some preachers to be more interested in what some small minority of people choose to do with their organs, than in the plague of emotional and spiritual disease that afflicts marriages that fail and contribute more traumatized individuals to our society.

    How many people preach against or vote to illegalize same-sex marriage? How many people preach against or vote to illegalize divorce? Isn't it scapegoating to pay so much attention to such a small "controversy" and to ignore another gaping wound in the fabric of society?

    First we should take the log out of our own eye if ever we want to be able to help cleanse the speck from our brothers and sisters!


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