Rick Warren presents historic “King’s Way” interfaith document

Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.

This past Sunday, a major shift was announced by Pastor Rick Warren at his Saddleback Church in Orange County, California, that has many Christian leaders concerned. As Saddleback hosted its “celebration of Jesus (pbuh),” attended by a number of Muslim communities in Southern California, something theologically significant happened at the dinner portion of the event. Only a select number of people were invited to the dinner.  A document one year in the making was presented which encourages Christians and Muslims to “appreciate the similarities of our faiths.” What does this mean? Is it simply a way to reach out a helping hand to the communities in Southern California, or is something more serious happening?  Read more here, and share your thoughts in the comments section:

ICSC Co-authors Historic Interfaith Document

The document encouraged that our communities work together towards the common good and to combat bigotry in a 1-2-3 plan. The first step in the plan identifies the belief in one God. The second step acknowledges God’s commandment to love God and your neighbor. Finally, step three is for our communities to commit to three things: making friends, building peace, and serving the world at large together.

This relationship with Saddleback Church was initiated over a year ago with a friendship between one of the pastors, Abraham Meulenberg, and the ICSC’s Jihad Turk. Pastor Meulenberg reached out having heard about the Center and our interfaith work. From this friendship developed an institutional link between their respective organizations.

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45 Responses to Rick Warren presents historic “King’s Way” interfaith document

  1. Mr Davis says:

    Truely the Apostate Church is climbing on the Beasts back.


  2. This is so sad. One of my concerns is if the members of Saddleback will simply look the other way, ignore it, and accept compromise. Southern California churches (not all, but by and large) are often willing to do this when they have someone "famous" leading them. This is the lukewarm church that Revelation speaks of and the Lord will spit them out of His mouth. It is this type of cowardice, couched in sweet terms, that is helping destroy our nation, our freedoms, and our future. I pray that some of the true believing pastors in southern California will stand up and speak the truth in spite of what the left-wing press has to say.


    • Dave says:

      I would say that a luke warm church is one that doesn't put Jesus first by teling others about him. Can I suggest that instead of attacking others we get involved with sharing our faith with others including and almost definatetly Muslims. Can I ask when did you last tell a Muslim about who Jesus is and how he relates to God?


  3. Ray O. Brooks says:

    I do not know Rick Warren; but I feel sorry for him because he is in DEEP trouble with the TRUE GOD even JESUS CHRIST.


  4. Sigdrifa says:

    He keeps saying he doesn't subscribe to "Chrislam" whilst all the time he is pushing its agenda.


  5. Donald Mitchell says:

    John 14:7: "If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; from now on you know Him and have seen Him."
    Hebrews 1:3: "And He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power."
    John 10:30: "I (Jesus) and the Father are one."
    If they don't believe in Jesus Christ, then we don't serve the same God – period.


    • ann blake says:

      I totally agreed with you. He is leading many astray. Pray for him.


    • Dave says:

      I want to ask you about the Jews. Do they believe in the same God as Christians? Abraham and the old Testament people may have looked forward to a coming someone but exactly what he was like or what he would do I'm sure they didn't know. There were many deeply devoted Jews before Christ who 'didn't believe in Jesus Christ'. Were they worshiping a different God? What about the Jews today. They don't believe that Jesus is the Christ. Are they serving a different God?
      May I suggest that we all (to some extent or other) need to adjust our understanding of God. Even if I believe that Jesus is God incarnate showing us the invisible God, I may still have things wrong about God and could be living a hypocritical life which demands repentence and renewal.


      • Marie says:

        Dave, you may have meaningful intentions concerning your response.

        However, as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I cannot adjust, nor readjust my understanding of God, our Father. Our Bible state "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

        It does not say that faith comes by the very words of Mr. Rick Warren, it does not say that our faith comes from any other word/book than our Scriptures that were Holy Spirit inspired, and, it does not say that our faith comes from ecumenism (all faiths worship the same Jesus) or universalism (all religions lead to God, therefore all are going to heaven.)

        Jesus did warn us through the Word about the wolves in sheep's clothing by saying in Matthew 24:11 "Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many." Jesus again says in verse 24, "For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect."

        Jesus said that even the elect, believers, will be deceived….if possible.
        We must be very careful here what Jesus Mr. Warren teaches and preaches. After reading his books penned by his hands, exposing his belief system, I have seriously questioned his theology in light of the Scriptures. His books basically point to the self, or narcissism, rather the person and divinity of our LORD Jesus Christ.

        And we must ask here, "Does Mr. Warren preach the full counsel of God in sharing the true Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ?" Or is it another Gospel- less institutional church system.


  6. My heart is grieved for this man. Lord, help those that are under his stewardship to wake up. It's hard to believe what is happening to God's family, but we are in the end times and we will usher in the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, not Allah!


  7. My heart is grieved for this man. Lord, help those that are under his stewardship to wake up. It's hard to believe what is happening to God's family, but we are in the end times and we will usher in the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, not Allah!


    • Dave says:

      See Mat 24:14 before the end comes the Gospel will be preached to all nations – that includes Muslims. At least Rick Warren is sharing about Jesus with Muslims. I wonder are you? When did you last talk to a Muslim about Christ and love them into the Kingdom and so hasten the end times?


      • lyn says:

        Dave, Rick Warren includes the Muslim 'Jesus' in his prayers, 'Isa'. -blogdotchristianitytoday dot com/ctpolitics/2009/01/rick_warrens_in.html

        Do you know who Isa is in the religion of Islam? He is not the son of God, which is a huge difference between biblical Christianity and the Muslim beliefs.

        Rick Warren also doesn't know if homosexuality is sinful – christiannews DOT net/2012/11/29/rick-warren-uncertain-if-homosexual-behavior-is-sinful-says-gays-go-to-heaven/

        Is Rick Warren sharing Jesus? Better question, does Rick Warren even know who Jesus is? Apparently not, for he prays to 'Isa', a 'Jesus' that does not exist.


      • Dave says:

        Rather than running down Rick Waren let's look at our own witness to Muslims. Let's ask our selves: How do I tell Muslims who Jesus is in a way they will relate to, understand, and feel able to commit themselves to.
        Lyn can you give me an example of how you explain Jesus to your Muslim friends?


      • Dave, we follow the http://livingoasis.org/ model, via our frequent guest, Elijah Abraham – a former Muslim.


  8. Neverrudedude says:

    Don't believe everything you read people. Rick warren refutes this! http://pastors.com/rick-warren-on-muslims-evangel


    • Open ears and eyes says:

      I do research and have many videos or Rick Warren saying two different things on many subjects. He is at it again here with Chislam, soing one thing and then saying he is not. The man never says he is sorry nor is he ever apologetic, no he is always misunderstood or just straight way lies.


  9. MWittness says:

    In my recent studies of scripture I have found that the trend many pastors are taking today are the same directions that the Lord warned Moses that the people would take. The children of God were chastised every time that they mingled their worship, in fact it is the very thing which ultimately caused God to strip the kingdom from Solomon's son. The queen of Sheba brought her worship with her to her husband which was Soloman's part in the abomination before God, this was the main reason for the splinting of the nation and eventual destruction. Yes Mr. Warren, we need to bring people together, but the Bible teaches us that we reach people outside of the congregation with the truth and then bring them into the congregation. The true church is not a mixture of believers and non-believers. What you are doing is like going back to the thirties and trying to bring equality to whites and blacks by having a meeting of the kkk and then inviting blacks to attend. The only way to bring this unity you are seeking is to show those who have a key component lacking and convincing them of the denial, the key component is unconditional love, which can only come from Christ.


    • Scribe says:

      This is most accurate, most timely, and most NEEDED REBUKE!! I think this short well stated comment, is what BOTH America & Israel have needed for centuries, but because of Man's Greed, True faith has been twisted and perverted for MANY YEARS!!

      This comment, may not garner me any friends, but that is not why I believe in Jesus Christ to begin with!!

      Humanity in its entirety, has spent its time on this planet looking for, Desiring more ways to do away with an accurate understanding of the GOD of the Bible!!

      Whether true or, Mr. Warren, should have valued his reputation as a man after God's Own Heart, strongly enough to avoid assertions like this even if they are WRONG!!


  10. candance says:

    to neverrudedude…. I have read that document before coming to this site and that may be true that he "refuted" it. but…if he is going to go to such lengths to refute this, why not refute everything that he is connected with in dealing with Chrislam? Like..this document for instance…?

    I hope he doesn't believe what ALL of these things point to. But just because someone SAYS they don't believe something, doesn't mean anything if their actions are showing something tell a completely different story. From what I saw on YouTube, he did the same thing with Proposition 8. Again, I want to believe him, but until you have done your research, like I (and probably others who have commented here) have, then don't be so quick to jump on someone for not taking his word.



    • Steven Hauptman says:

      Good post Candace! There is a great apostacy already in the making and Rick Warren appears to be at it's forefront.


  11. candance says:

    excuse the typos…started typing something and didn't erase all of what I previously wanted to say. that should read.."doesn't mean anything if their actions are telling a completely different story."


  12. Worried says:

    The Bible does say that you are not to touch the unclean thing. It also says to be separate from the world, for we were called out of the world to be a separate people holy and blameless before God. Does that mean we ignore those who are lost,"Of Course Not!" We must love them, pray for them, and witness to them. We are to NOT form a "Friendship" with them in efforts to try and convince them that Christianity is the way because they too have their own agenda. We must remember that the devil is as a sly fox and he is seeking whom he may devour. If you play with fire too long you will eventually get burnt. Like I said before, you MUST love them, pray for them, and witness to them, that they might come to know the true knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ but we must not defile our self and compromise in efforts to win someone. You can live holy in a world and win souls to God without trying to "BUILD" a friendship with those who are not and do not intend to serve our God. The Bible also says that one cannot serve two masters, you will HATE one and LOVE the other. There is no in between, this is what I feel a lot of the christian world is trying to create.


    • Dave says:

      Hi Worried, I'm worried too. I'm worried that you are trying to love, pray for and witness to people who are not your friends. I really believe that the first step to sharing what we believe with someone else is to be their friend to understand their position and their pains and fears. I seek to build friendships with the Muslim people in my community to visit their homes and shops to go to their places of worship. Why? Because I want to show my love in action by being close and sharing my life, then I earn the right to talk about Jesus and my words are listened to because they come from a friend not a stranger.


  13. Ruth Montgomery says:

    Rick Warren is involved in many unholy mixtures … He is no longer feeding the flock of God , but entertaining the goats !!!


  14. Steven Hauptman says:

    If you call yourself a "pastor" and completely ignore the great commission, you are NO pastor. You are a deceiver. Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father. Islam is not "another way". It is a false religion no matter how nice the people in it are. I know alot of nice Buddhists, but their beliefs have NOTHING in common with Christianity. Likewise with Islam. Similar traits don't make your belief systems equal. Humans have alot in common with fetal pigs, but we are not fetal pigs. One day soon we will all be called to publicly choose a side perhaps even at our own peril. Get your heads on straight now. Jesus calls us to choose Him. There is NO other name given, period.


  15. Mr Davis says:

    Well for any who are catching this post looking for answers to what is happening and like has already been mentioned the so called church is filled with goats but that is because we have turned from the gospel of Jesus Christ, son of God and son of man.

    Jesus the Christ, the Father's anointed servant, appointed to suffer on our behalf in order to redeem that which was lost because of our rebellion against him. Jesus Christ the Holy One who stepped out of heaven into His creation which He himself made for Himself and therefore has creator rights over it. We are part of that creation, God has made each of us for His intended purpose just as he has every other part of creation.

    The creations purpose was to bring great glory to God and to show man who was created in the image of God all the attributes of God so that man would worship submitting to God in all His glory. Yet man did not submit but did his own will and took from the tree of knowledge of good and evil which God told Him not to and so by Adam sin did enter the world and by sin death, so even now death reigns. Because of Adam's rebellion all of creation was cursed and is cursed to this day and even know the Lord God is pouring out his judgement against the ungodly. This we ignor and explain away today for it is a terrifing prospect to fall into the hands of the Living God as His enemy. God is Love and therefore He is Holy and Just, Perfect and True and all who will ever be will fall short of this standard.

    How can this be undone? A Perfect Sacrifice meeting God's standard of Perfection was required to attone for this greivous error. No mere man would do for all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.

    God the Father would send His Only begotten Son Jesus to provide the solution nessesary to satisfy God's just Character. Jesus the Christ, would glorify His Fathers name through that He submitting Himself to His Father's will to suffer to the Point of Death, thus making Himself an suitable offering for our sins.
    So it is said, Christ being a Son, He learned obedience through what he suffered, and being made perfect He became the Author of eternal life. And so it is the Christ is now made the Author and perfector of our Faith in God.

    Blood needed to be shed and not just any blood, the blood had to come from a perfect man which is why He came in the first place. Without the sheding of blood there is no remission of sins. Perfection comes by obedience and obedience comes by observing the commands of God. Everything about the Suffering and Death, His burial and His resurrection of the one whom the Lord appointed to this very end were all foretold in the Scriptures and in the Man Jesus Christ all of this is fulfilled.

    So even today we Preach Christ Jesus and Him Crusified. Jesus Christ who suffered and died for our sins according to the scriptures. Was buried with the rich according to the Scriptures. And prior to His death Jesus told them what sign He would give to show the world He was from God, that they would have the sign of Jonah. As Jonah was in the whale three days and thre nights so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the bowels of the earth and then He would rise again for the Father granted Him that authroity.

    Christ Jesus at the meeting of the Dawn of the First Day of the week He was resurrected. Christ is Lord!

    Even today the cry has gone out. Repent, stop your rebellion and setting your heart on evil. Turn from your worthless pursuits and the chasing of things that are perishing, rather pursue what is eternal. Stop doing evil to one another and do good. Obey God and stop rebelling. Seek God while he may yet be found for the time is close now. Humble yourself before God and observe His righteous decrees. Seek God, to see if you will find grace in His sight, confess your sins, cry out to God in your desperation, behold what a wretched person you are. Cast yourself at the feet of Jesus Christ and hope in His cross, His salvation, His righteousness. I pray that perhaps you may find grace in His eyes. Oh don't ignor so great a salvation.




  17. Pat Roy says:

    There is ONLY one God! God gave His son to die on the cross for our sins so that we may have everlasting life with Him. His son is Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior!!! There is NO OTHER God!!! Rick Warren is misleading his church…


  18. Dave says:

    It is possible to know about a person, maybe from a distance and based on hearsay or gossip, but for that knowledge to be incomplete and in error. When you actually get to know the person you realise that your preconceived assumptions and beliefs were wrong. You now know the same person but have a true understanding and experience of who they are.
    Could this be the experience of our Muslim friends?


  19. Gizeh says:

    Dave: Yes it is possible, for example the koran, for which you cannot find a copy that was made within the time that muhammad was alive, and the 3 earliest copies that exist, are not only completely different from each other, but contradict each other… so it's credibility however makes you wonder, since any research shatters any possible proof that it was inspired by God, and is more like hearsay.

    The bible however, both the old and new testament was treated in the same manner by many unbelievers until 1946 when the dead sea scrolls were discovered in which 235 books of the bible including the gospel of Mark word FOR word without any changes. So it could be possible, but in the case of the bible it has already been proven that it is not. All of the documents, letters (epistles), and writings of the new testament, have been authenticated and preserved, most of them under guard in the underground vaults of the vatican. There is solid proof that the bible is not hearsay.

    Furthermore when science or society has ever contradicting the bible, it is always science who advances to catch up with the bible. Ex. The bible says that earth is a sphere Isaiah 40:22 & Job 26:10 or that earth "floats in space" Job 26:7 when "science" thought that the earth was flat, and others thought that it hung on something. if you want to read more http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/tba/univ…. and SO many other things, fossilized egyptian chariots found in the bottom of the red sea, http://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/category/daily… and yet the bible never changes, because it is the perfect written word of the one living God, and the evidence to support that is innumerable. Every time a discovery is made it proves the bible even more, but never in history has there been any solid proof that proves the bible wrong.

    I pray for our muslim brothers along with all of our brothers around the earth, that they might come to the evident truth and take rest and refuge in the salvation of Jesus Christ, the one and only way to the Father. No human is above another, we all need saving, I am just blessed to have received it. People change, society changes, culture changes, everything changes everyday, but God never changes, and His love for us never changes, His word never changes, who anyone to tell God that he is wrong? He has already spoken, and we cannot bend Him to what we want Him to be, so that no one gets offended, He is who and how and what He is, God. WE need to change to be more like Him not the other way around, and at the end of the day telling people what they want to hear, does not help them or change the fact that every single person that ever existed will have to stand before the Father when they die and face judgement, and that He has already spoken as to what the only way to Him is- Jesus Christ, That's like my kid wanting to drink poison thinking it's juice, and I tell him yeah it's juice go ahead and drink it, because I don't want him to cry or hurt his feelings. God is not concerned with what you think, He's just trying to keep you alive forever. it boils down to whether you accept His gift of eternal life, or you don't it's not on personal merit.


    • Dave says:

      I'm really excited that you are praying that Muslims my find salvation in Christ. Do you share with them too as much as you pray? When you tell the Muslim who runs your local shop the information who have just written on this site how does he respond? The Muslim person who you are praying for, does he now understand clearer the message of salvation found in the unchangeble Bible because you have talked to him about it?
      When my Muslim friends suggests that the Bible has been changed, I take it as an opportunity to walk with him through some of the threads of salvation mettanaritive (Sacrifice, Covenant, God as Shepherd, or Cleanliness of heart) which link with his worldview and already present understanding of God. It is so much more effective than trying to argue about the transmission and reliability of our respective sacred texts.


  20. Dave says:

    I find many of the remarks on this site very sad. It is easy to critisize but harder to build up. May our words build up the body of Christ. It is also easy to look at people who are doing something and comment about it while we do nothing. Please can we share how we would explain to our Muslim friends (and I assume we all have some) who the True God is and how we help them to understand the person and work of Jesus our Lord bearing in mind the Musim missunderstandings of what Christians believe?


  21. Dave says:

    I find many of the remarks on this site very sad. It is easy to critisize but harder to build up. May our words build up the body of Christ. It is also easy to look at people who are doing something and comment about it while we do nothing. Please can we share how we would explain to our Muslim friends (and I assume we all have some) who the True God is and how we help them to understand the person and work of Jesus our Lord bearing in mind the Musim missunderstandings of what Christians believe?


  22. REDEEMED400 says:

    also look at the pope he's leading this example of interfaith DO NOT DO MUSLIM IS THE FAITH OF BAAL,


  23. Brian Larson says:

    In these religions the Most Shared Authority Is The Holy Spirit!

    all three faiths involved believe and reverence the HOLY SPIRIT.

    Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost, is a term found in English translations of the Bible, but understood differently among the Abrahamic religions.

    Why do you think it is the unforgivable sin to Blaspheme the Holy Spirit.


  24. Dave says:

    Hi there
    There is NO evidence that Allah is the moon God in fact Muslims are expressly forbiden to worship the moon:
    "And from among His Signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Do not bow down (prostrate) to the sun nor to the moon, but only bow down (prostrate) to "Allah" Who created them, if you (really) worship Him." [Quran 41:37]

    Have a look at this article to give you a bit more background to the word Allah http://www.ijfm.org/PDFs_IJFM/23_2_PDFs/Brown_Who

    Although Islam can not save the soul from sin and the wrath to come, we have a responsibility to love our neighbours who in this day and age are very likly to be Muslim. Our love for them should involve trying to understand their faith as they see it and using that as a lunch pad to sharing the truth of Jesus


  25. Col c says:

    Why did you delete my comment?


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