The Stoning of Sally Kern

You may remember a few years ago when Oklahoma representative Sally Kern’s name became synonymous in the news media and in the homosexual community for being a “homophobe” and a “hater” for comments she made about the gay agenda in our society and our schools.

In 2008, Sally was secretly taped at a function where she was giving a talk about how homosexual activist and strategist, Tim Gill, was funding local political races, so that the Democrats could put in office people who would support the homosexual agenda. Gill being a very, very wealthy homosexual, had been targeting relatively conservative areas and candidates and then funding liberal pro-homosexual candidates to run against the conservatives. Ironically, the Christian millionaires and billionaires, funded no one.

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Her short speech was secretly recorded, parsed and posted on YouTube, and of course it went viral. As a result, the liberal media had a field day not only vilifying Sally Kern more, but they just added to the flood of nasty hate mail that she was receiving from the militant homosexual community.

Sally has since written a book about her experience titled The Stoning of Sally Kern: The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism–and Why We Must Take A Stand, and she joins us today to talk about it.

The truth is that Sally Kern did not say anything hateful, and in fact has spent years working with those suffering from AIDS, and understands the suffering that homosexual activity can bring upon a person. She has a passion to see people come to Christ, and she has a passion to see the church get involved and share the gospel with a lost and dying world. And unlike some other big name conservatives that masquerade as Christians, she did not recant her comments, and she stood true to her biblical convictions when it seemed the whole world wanted her to recant.


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