Abortion: Can we affect change to end it?

Rev. Rusty Thomas preaches at an abortion clinic rally

After four decades of legalized abortion, many Christians are wondering how or even if we will ever see a day when abortion does not exist. And while many of us doubt that this can happen or feel we’re now too far down that road, we also hope that perhaps there will someday be a President, the Congress, or a Supreme Court that will save America and stop the shedding of innocent blood.

But not today’s guest.

The Rev. Rusty Thomas takes a much more proactive stance, saying we are beyond a political solution to what ails our beleaguered nation. It is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to rise up and take her rightful place at the gates of hell, to take back the gates of our land. Rusty is a pastor and activist on the front lines of the pro life movement.

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He has several organizations including Elijah Ministries,  States of Refuge and the KLI Braveheart Project.

Here is one of his videos called Cities4Life:


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One Response to Abortion: Can we affect change to end it?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I asked my 9 year old son…Do you think that if you are a follower of Christ that you should be against abortion? He said Love they neighbor. Wow…


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