“Hey haters,” are we walking in Truth AND Spirit?

James Tissot's John and the PhariseesIt seems whenever people stand up for the truth, they are often branded legalists or Pharisees. The term Pharisee has become a straw-man argument for anyone who feels uncomfortable by those who is passionate for the tougher passages in Scripture or who asks hard questions about some things they are seeing in the Church that seems to contradict what the Bible says.

This video represents how many leaders in the church feel toward those who criticize some of the dangerous movements creeping in to the Church. And perhaps we need to consider that the critics may be taking an unbiblical approach:

But are they really Pharisees? What were the real Pharisees like?

Today we are going to look at the real Pharisees, Jesus’ relationship with them, and why in many cases He called them out.

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2 Responses to “Hey haters,” are we walking in Truth AND Spirit?

  1. mic says:

    Who is that guy? He talks about love, but his body language speaks volumes for violence and besides that, he has a crooked face. He was actually kind of creepy to me. Thanks for posting. Also Amy, how do I access the broadcasts and/or are there transcripts for the topics? I miss so much because I can't seem to find any link to the broadcast. Thanks girlfriend… Michelle (fb buddy – heehehee)


  2. Amy Spreeman says:

    Howdy Michelle! All of the podcasts are here: http://standupforthetruth.com/category/podcast/
    If you are an iTunes gal, you can download the podcasts here: Live Online Stream | Subscribe to the Podcast [RSS/iTunes ]http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id439798037


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