Dealing with the demonic: Is it biblical?

Does Jesus command anyone to rebuke, bind, or cast out demons?  The words Spiritual Warfare may make you feel uncomfortable. Many Christians hear the word Deliverance Ministry and Spiritual Warfare, and red flags instantly go up. And they should!

The Bible tells us there is no doubt we do face a battlefield in the spiritual realm that seems to be intensifying. How are we to engage in this battle? The answer can be found in Ephesians Chapter 6. Meditate on those verses.

I am concerned about the historical beginnings of deliverance ministries from within the New Apostolic Reformation movement.  I regret that I didn’t know enough about the topic of Spiritual Warfare in 2011 to be able to give a biblical response to Dr. Karl Payne, author of Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization and Deliverance.   I interviewed him several times when I was a host of Stand Up For The Truth, but when voicing my concerns was brushed off by my boss. “It’s a completely biblical book,” I was told. And yet as I read it, I knew that there was something dreadfully wrong about Christians dabbling in the demonic.

Payne is a “modern-day pastor who casts out demons.” I recommend reading the link to see how he does it. Then read Bob DeWaay’s excellent article, How Deliverance Ministries Lead People to Bondage.  Finally, this White Paper on Angels, Demons, and  Spiritual Warfare


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5 Responses to Dealing with the demonic: Is it biblical?

  1. Andrew says:

    Very interested in listening to this podcast, but I unable to stream or download the file. I've tried in multiple browsers. Thanks in advance for fixing.


  2. Cherie c. says:

    Still not working.


  3. Andrew says:

    The "Play in new window" and "Download" link under the on-page media player still don't work. I was able to get the file by right-clicking on the "Download the podcast!" link and selecting "save link as". Looking forward to listening to this tomorrow.


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