Superintendent bullies Christian student, calls him ‘ignorant’

This unfortunate incident happened in a community about 30 minutes from where we broadcast in northeast Wisconsin:
(via American Family Association)

School officials at Shawano High School in Wisconsin have censored and punished Brandon Wegner, a 15-year-old, for writing an op-ed article explaining the Biblical view of homosexuality and supporting natural mother-father adoption, according to Liberty Counsel.

After Brandon wrote this article he was pulled into hours of meetings with school administrators and staff, without his parents’ knowledge.

Superintendent Todd Carlson told him that the column “went against the bullying policy,” and asked him if he “regretted” writing it. According to Liberty Counsel, when Mr. Wegner stated that he did not regret writing it, and that he stood behind his beliefs, Superintendent Carlson told him that he had “to be one of the most ignorant kids to try to argue with him about this topic,” that “we have the power to suspend you if we want to” and that the column had “personally offended me, so I know you offended other people!”

Brandon’s opinion was a part of an editorial page which presented viewpoints both for and against homosexual adoption, each articulated by a student. After the school newspaper was published in the local town paper, a homosexual in the community complained to the school. School officials then censored Brandon’s article, forcing him and his classmates to pull the page out of the newspaper before distribution at the school.

Mathew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, said “The bullying at Shawano High School is by Superintendent Todd Carlson and the school officials, not the student, Brandon Wegner. The school officials have displayed blatant intolerance of a view on homosexuality held by many people. The school’s actions are shocking and unjustified. The superintendent should immediately apologize and stop the bullying.”

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4 Responses to Superintendent bullies Christian student, calls him ‘ignorant’

  1. Larry Cornell says:

    That's it? "Please apologize Mr. Superintendent, you bully!" Where is Jay Sekulow and the lawsuit for violating this student's first amendment rights (not to mention breaking a few laws) and creating a hostile environment in the Shawano School District against bible believing Christians?

    Your public tax dollars hard at work marginalizing the faith that birthed this Nation.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Everyone needs to write to Shawano High School…Stand up and support our brothers and sisters in Christ…No matter how young..


  3. Randy says:

    I live in Shawano. It is disappointing to me that Stand Up For The Truth is posting articles that are not completely true thus adding to the problem and not offering any real help in solving it. This makes me wonder about many other topics brought up on the show.


  4. Amy Spreeman says:

    Hi Randy,
    We curated and posted the story from American Family Association, and it also was covered by the Green Bay Press Gazette and the national news (CNN, Fox, etc.). If there are inaccuracies in those reports, please share! We'll make sure our listeners hear.


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