State of the Church: Part II

Sun, glorious sun!Our Body of Christ in America is facing difficult times as it struggles through many challenges. It is being attacked from the outside as well as from within as divisions seem to be more prevalent in the Church than ever before.

There is a growing movement of what we’re going to call “Berean Christians,” made up of individuals and ministries–even this radio program–who are rising up to challenge teachings, leaders, book authors and so forth about some doctrine that is “extra-biblical” and being promoted as God’s Truth.  Are you among the exploding number of Berean Christians? If you are, then you will be accused of dividing the Body and causing harm to the Church.

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2 Responses to State of the Church: Part II

  1. Mr Davis says:

    About division.

    Woe to any of us to teach doctrines of man, as doctrines of God either by word or deed. Yet we all do, for which of us isn't a hypocrite, who has said yes we will yet would not, which, of us hasn't said do what I say, not as I do. Which of us has not in some part ignored God's counsel, Him, whom we say we trust and rather took our own counsel.

    There truely is no room for self-righteousness amongst believers. Yet we are to judge and have ourselves judged whether we are walking in the faith or against any or all of what God says to do. But this is also why we are meek because we acknowlege our own weakness and inability to do what is right.

    It is time to expose ourselves who Name Christ to the true light so our deeds may be exposed for what they are! Help us Lord God to shun the darkness which we Love for our deeds truely are evil.

    God help us, turn from our lunacy bound up in our flesh!

    God bless you Mike and Amy and the Board of Q90 for taking this on.
    May God grant you strength and perserverance, but more importantly humility that comes with the Knowlege of the Holy One. May we all learn to love what God loves and Hate what God hates.


  2. Diane says:

    Mike told the story of the pastor he met in Oklahoma who prayed for his brother in a coma and he was healed. The difference between this sign and wonder vs the mainstream signs and wonders, such as Benny Hinn, is, and I am assuming, this pastor is not using the healing and prayer he prayed for his brother to futher his ministry or to gain financially out of this miracle.

    I myself, believe that if God has called you or used you to do something, we leave the blessings up to God, whether it be financial blessings, blessings of restoration or whatever. We need to be humble and just be a vessel for God to use us and not exploit gifts he has entrusted to us. Too many ministries want to charge you and arm and a leg in order to get their teachings of God's Word. Alot of people
    cannot afford their prices. I have come across ministries that either give you God's Word for free or the bare minimum it takes to provide the resources and those are ministries I believe God blesses just because they want to get God's word in peoples hands.


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