About this author’s site

Amy is a writer who is passionate about Jesus Christ, and is using her experience and skills in broadcast and print journalism to research news, trends and movements in the modern church around the world.

She is former co host and researcher for Stand Up For The Truth, and currently manages the Berean Research blog, the Berean Examiner Blog (hosted by Pirate Christian Radio), and Naomi’s Table, a Bible Study resource exclusively for women.

Aspreeman’s Archives is a library containing all news and research articles from those sites. The content here contains Amy’s original research and reports, imported and archived. You are welcomed and encouraged to use this material, but please be considerate and give credit by mention or link.

Finally, if you want to know why Amy is committed to staying the course, please see, Not Tired, But Tried And True, and Encouragement for battle-weary believers

Thank you and God bless!



2 Responses to About this author’s site

  1. Trina says:

    I am so grateful for your site. I heard you on Fighting for the faith. It is very encouraging to have this resource as a Christian women. There is so much garbage out there. Women are rebelling against their God given role in life. Thank you for standing for the biblical truth of the role of women in this world.


  2. ASPREE says:

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Trina!


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